Thursday, June 16, 2016

My twa routine (every day hair)

Since my big chop, I've been taking it really easy. My routine is simple.  For me, simple is best always.  If my commitment to my hair starts to take over, I know, I will no longer put real effort into it.  For every body out there, the best routine is the one that you are able to do religiously without feeling like it's a burden.  If it's a burden, you won't feel like making it a long term commitment.

My very simple routine since my big chop is:

I wet my hair every day, either in the shower, the sink or with a spray bottle (in order of preference).  Sometimes I cowash with drugstore conditioners, sometimes I don't. I rarely wash with shampoo, maybe once a month or so.

After that, if I was in the shower, I remove the excess water by gently pressing the towel on my head (I don't rub). I don't like when the water is dripping all over me but it is true that the more wet my hair is before I apply my products, the better my curls/coils look (less frizz, more definition).

On my next step, I moisturize and seal. I use a moisturizer that helps with curl definition. Right now, that moisturizer is Hawaïan Silky 14 in 1. It makes my hair soft, it helps my curls with definition, it smells good but not overwhelming. Then, I seal with EVOO. I put a few drops of peppermint oil in my EVOO for stimulation and fragrance. 

On days that I need my curls to hold (work days and Sundays), I add a styler like mousse or gel to the routine. I prefer mousse for work days and gel on Sundays because I prefer to use gel on freshly cowashed or washed hair. Also, gel makes my hair hard and I don't like that. So I don't use gel all the time. 

My hair doesn't curl easily all over. Some areas, like the back, feel so soft and curly, I just love touching. Other areas are less prone to curl like my sides and my crown (my problem area). 

My problem remains, however, my scalp is still bothersome. I haven't really found a routine that can alleviate this problem completely. Some days it's non existant but other day, it hits me so bad, I don't know what to do. 

I haven't done a deep treatment for longer than 30 minutes because of this problem. People talk about overnight deep conditioning. All I think about is how bad my scalp will itch if I do anything like that. 

I've gone the natural route with products but even doing the has not really helped in the long term. I found band-aid type ways to cope and that has been life saving. 

For now, I can cope. My routine is helping and when it's really bad, I have medicated help. So, I'm ok. 

I am really loving my natural hair and this new journey. I wish I had done this a couple of years ago. But no regrets... My relaxed hair journey was greatly educational. 

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